Below is a link to a short interview that KARE 11 did with Bloomington Mayor Winstead. It’s only 3-4 minutes. Give it a listen.

From day one Mayor Winstead and the Bloomington City Council have insisted that they had no direct involvement in the proposed plan to pave the Minnesota Valley State Trail through the River Bottoms because it was “a state issue”.

Based on this interview it sure seems like Mayor Winstead may have “mis-spoken” all those times because it sure seems like it is something he and that City Council are deeply engaged in.

How can the residents in Bloomington feel assured that their tax dollars are not going to go to maintaining this paved trail in a flood plain when the DNR doesn’t have the funding to fix what they have now? The Mayor and Council have said it’s the DNR’s responsibility. How can we really be sure?

If you are a Bloomington resident, please reach out to those that represent you on the City Council and ask why their previous statements appear to have been misleading.


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