Bloomington Mayor Gene Winsted and the Bloomington City Council have been hiding behind the “it’s a DNR Project” since day one, when in reality… displayed in the KSTP interview we recently shared……they have likely been engaged for many years.  It’s this hiding and back room shenanigans that really gets a person down on politics in general.  We vote for / hire people that are supposed to be representing our interests, not special interests.

If you are a Bloomington resident, click on the link and check out these several opportunities where you can directly engage with those that are supposed to be representing YOUR interests.  

Please put these dates on your calendar.  Attend the Town Halls and speak your mind on this DNR/City of Bloomington plan to pave the Minnesota Valley State Trail (River Bottoms Trail) through Bloomington.  

#savetheriverbottoms #saveitdontpaveit

Steve for #savetheriverbottoms

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