#savetheriverbottoms is a non-partisan group of people that identify as democrat, republican, independent and none-of-the-above that came together to try keep a wonderful existing natural trail as natural as possible. Our effort has always been non-partisan.

We have simply asked for full disclosure of the proposed plan, including full costs, to be open for public review so that the citizens can be included in the decision whether to build a paved trail in the Minnesota River Valley flood plain and we have asked to be heard by land agencies and elected officials.

Our group will post relevant information that occasionally includes political candidate’s positions. We are not endorsing candidates but will share their positions so you can decide for yourself.

We are not paid lobbyists that have financial interests in this controversy. We are simply citizens and users of one of the last remaining natural areas in the Twin Cities metro area and we would like to keep this area as natural as possible for future generations.

Thank you for being part of this effort.

One last request. If you haven’t already, please exercise your right to vote in midterm elections tomorrow. Please.


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