Yes…we are still alive.  We’ve just been laying low and enjoying the holidays with friends and family.  We hope you were able to do the same.

If you hadn’t heard, we have a new Governor and DNR Commissioner and we think it’s important that we all ensure that they are aware of this effort to protect and preserve one of the last wild spaces in the Twin Cities.

We would encourage you do a couple of really simple things.  

1) Reach out to each of them and very politely and very respectfully let them know that you are a citizen of Minnesota and that you are opposed to a paved Minnesota Valley State Trail (River Bottoms Trail) in Bloomington.  Super simple. 

DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen can be reached via email at:

To reach Governor Tim Walz you’ll need to do the fill in the form things here:

Again….a short, respectful message is exactly what should do the job.

2) When you see a post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in reference to either of these public servants, please comment with our hashtag #Savetheriverbottoms.

That’s it.  Doing these small things can help us make a big impact to protect this area that we all know and appreciate in it’s natural form.


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