On Monday, April 1st at the Bloomington City Council meeting, the City Council….you know….those who have said “this trail is a state issues” over and over and over again…..are voting to approve replacing .67 acres of wetland in the River Bottoms to build the first segment of trail. They will supposedly do this by “buying wetland credits”.

So, they are going to destroy .67 acres of wetlands in the River Bottoms to build a paved bicycle highway that virtually nobody wants….and supposedly “pay” for 2 times that amount of imaginary wetlands somewhere.

Welcome to Bloomington. More boondoggle….more often.

Here are the details on the agenda item:


And, here is the entire City Council Meeting Agenda:


Please show up to this meeting. Wear your #saveriverbottoms gear. Speak up if presented the opportunity to do so.

Steve for #savetheriverbottoms

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