This post is directed at Bloomington residents.

We have been encouraging you to educate yourselves on the candidates running for Mayor and City Council in Bloomington. We truly feel that with a set of fresh perspectives in the Bloomington Mayor’s office and on the Bloomington City Council it is possible stop the plan to pave the Minnesota Valley State Trail (River Bottoms Trail) in Bloomington. It’s feasible that if the City of Bloomington were to withdraw support fo the proposed paving of the trail that the proponents and the DNR would struggle even more to gain the necessary funding.

See the link. Mayoral candidate Dan Niziolek has made it loud and clear where he stands. He took the time and made the effort to understand the issue. That speak volumes.

We challenge the other mayoral candidates and the city council candidates to lay out their position on the paved trail for the voters to see and understand.

This is not an endorsement. We are simply sharing information so you can make an informed decision in the voting booth.


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