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One of the most busy state parks closed for months due to flood damage yet the @mndnr and Bloomington MN City Government insist on trying to put even more expensive infrastructure in the same flood plain in Bloomington.  

We would encourage you to read the story online if you are able and to comment. Share the article with those that represent you in state government and the City of Bloomington and tell them you are opposed to yet more fiscal and environmental irresponsibility. 

Fort Snelling State Park reopens six months after extensive flood damage

David Chanen , Star Tribune

 Assistant park manager Nick Bartels pointed to an area of the main road leading into Fort Snelling State Park that had been temporarily repaired in Ma

Fort Snelling State Park will reopen Tuesday, six months after extensive spring flooding damaged roads and other property.

Officials initially said the park, which draws more than 1 million visitors annually, would be open to the public in July.

Some repairs will continue through the fall.

The park closed in mid-March due to extensive flood damage stemming from the winter’s heavy snowpack and the seemingly relentless spring rains.

It has been the longest stretch of time the park has been closed due to flood damage since 2014, when it took about a month to clean up and restore the park.

This year’s flooding caused substantial damage to buildings, roads and the main water-supply line at the park. Extensive road improvements have been completed and the water supply is restored.

Located at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers, Fort Snelling State Park is subject to frequent flooding, but has never before been closed to the public for such an extended period because of flooding, said Nick Bartels, the park’s assistant supervisor.

Several major roads at the park were impassable due to high water or because floodwaters lifted up large chunks of asphalt and swept them away. Repairing the road along Snelling Lake is expected to cost $100,000.

The flooding also damaged trees, trails and a water main leading to the park office. In addition, floodwaters moved a fishing pier on Snelling Lake more than 50 feet off its anchor posts. Strong waves pushed the pier into trees along the shore.Heavy equipment was needed to return the largely undamaged pier to its original location.

Damage was also reported around Picnic Island, which was used as a silt-collection site while repairs were made.

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